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Here is the third part of my “summer” blog: San Diego Surfer Boy.  I’ve been tinkering with different usernames but finally found the perfect one with “romanticasianguy”.  I’ll be using the new domain name from now on.  Thank you for your continued reading:)


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Coronado Blues

This summer my “fantasy vacation” takes place in Coronado, a place I’ve always wanted to spend a summer vacation at.  In every vacation, there’s a defining moment where you know you’re on a vacation whether it’s the first time you stand before a towering monument  or when you arrive at that perfect hotel complete with a clawfoot jacuzzi, a buffet that satisfies your every craving, and picturesque views.

For me, the defining moment occurs as I drive across the Coronado Blue Bridge.  I leave behind all troubles and worries, and head into a tropical paradise where magic happens.  The birds-eye view of swooshing palm trees and the San Diego waterfront are spectacular.  The fact that I come straight after work makes the journey all the more exciting, as life happens during your busiest moments.  Yes, think about it…:)

And suddenly, I’m on Orange Avenue, zig-zagging through tiny strip malls along a Victorian neighborhood.  The stop-and-go traffic works nicely for this type of scenery.  After making it through one last bend, the red turrets appear, and I know I’ve arrived at the Hotel del Coronado.

But my destination’s further down the road at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center.  As much as I’d like to linger around “The Del” as locals call it, I have to get to my surfing class as mentioned in my previous San Diego Summer Vacation 2010: sun, sand, surf blog.

Here’s an update on how things are progressing.  I’m in the second week of classes and I have yet to catch a wave.  The weather has been overcast, and the water is still pretty cold at around 64 degrees so I’m constantly shivering, even with a wetsuit.  My body’s incredibly tired and sore from using muscles not normally in use and I’m still adjusting to being in the water for 2 plus hours.  My ears are plugged from the saltwater that enters my head after all the wipeouts, so I can’t really hear much, but the upside is I’m in an incredible state of zen and inner peace.  Let’s just say this whole experience is pretty demanding on the body, even for someone who’s athletic like myself.  But like everything in life, I’ll eventually get used to the process and maybe even catch my first wave.

I can’t wait til the sun comes out in July and August–more blogs to come!

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San Diego Summer Vacation 2010: sun, sand, surf

Once upon a summer in San Diego…

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